Returning to your Boston-suburb hometown is now trendy?

According to a recent Boston Globe article, city-dwellers are moving back to their hometowns to start families, sometimes purchasing their own childhood homes. With social media, there is no longer a stigma of doing this, as the article states, You already know what people are doing anyway. It’s not a huge surprise to see people out in town. I don’t feel like, ‘Oh man, I’m a townie. I didn’t make it in the big city.’ How do you feel? Would you consider moving back to your hometown?
In the Boston suburbs — home to coveted real estate stock and many top school systems — returning to one’s hometown is often a solid bet. “My feeling is lifestyle is a primary reason why people move back to where they grew up. Nostalgia is now a driving factor in any price range. People want those side streets with the sidewalks,” says Joanne Taranto, a Gibson Sotheby’s realtor who specializes in the Concord area. This was the key factor for Pat Rezendes and Erin Souza-Rezendes, who returned to Erin’s hometown of Dartmouth after a decade in Boston and Cambridge. “We wanted to start a family and wanted to be closer to our ‘village,’ ” Erin says. “My parents are here. Pat’s dad is in New Bedford, the next town over. This is where our support system is.” Her best friend since first grade lives nearby, she says, and other friends with young families are plotting a return.